Canada Payday Cash Customer Testimonials

“Good to know that CanadaPaydayCash extends its services in my area. It is very comforting if there are people to back you in your difficult times and the CanadaPaydayCash team has just given me the feel that I am not insignificant just because I am facing a rough phase.”

- John S.

“The CanadaPaydayCash team has assisted me on many occasions when I faced a tight situation with cash. The staff was very supportive and polite. I was so impressed that I have already endorsed their services to my peers.”

- Allison Grey.

“I have been using CanadaPaydayCash for quite some time now since they are a better choice with respect to loan fees. I do not need to pay high bank fees. Apart from lending cash quickly, CanadaPaydayCash makes me feel at ease with their friendly support service.”

- Matt Scofield.

“Your service has really proven beneficial in times of emergency. There have been occasions when I needed funds for housing and maintenance costs. Without your support, I would not have had a place to live close to my workplace or have a car or insurance. I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you guys.”

- A. Glona

“I have been using your services since the past 5 months and the experience is very satisfactory. The convenience of online application, direct dealing via email and speedy loan processing is truly commendable. The customer service you have extended for customer clarifications is also very helpful.”

- Eileen Ross

“With CanadaPaydayCash, it is quite easy to get your loan sanctioned and the money is quickly transferred into your bank account within hours. They are experts in taking the pressure off you. They are always there when I need them.”

- Steven McGrath

“Your services are extremely private and I am very comfortable in using the same. On many occasions, CanadaPaydayCash has helped me make ends meet. Though I knew I had to repay within a stipulated time frame, your company has not bugged me with constant email or phone call reminders like most other companies do. You let me keep my peace of mind.”

- Rose Swift

“CanadaPaydayCash was the only company that offered me loan on my first ever financial crunch. More than 5 payday loan services had turned me down as I had surpassed my overdraft limit on my bank account and only CanadaPaydayCash got me an approved loan request. Finally, I could repay them and have since use their service quite regularly. I must say, the process is now pretty hassle free with them. Thank you CanadaPaydayCash.”

- Gary Tailor

“I came across your company while doing an internet search. The simplicity of the start-up process is very comforting. Time slips away really fast and the friendly reminders a few days in advance of the repayment due date have proven quite helpful. I also appreciate the date extensions you have offered on many occasions.”

- Claire K.

“Each time I have used CanadaPaydayCash, they have been by my side. For an entire year they have supported me paying back my outstanding bills. They have helped me clear my credit much sooner than I would do I if was on my own.”

- Barbara M.

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